Sue Mackey

Sue’s business is Out of the Box End-of-Life Planning, sharing her passion for helping people navigate the complexities of end-of-life preparation as a final gift to their loved ones. Her expertise is in the creation of effective health care advance directives, in navigating the funeral industry, and in most end-of-life topics. Sue is a Certified Thanatologist, serves as a member of the Ethics Consult Team at Boulder Community Hospital, and is trained as an end-of-life guide. For fun she hosts Death Cafes. She is NOT a techie, and is incredibly grateful for David and Lucy who handle the actual work of setting up our iPads for our recipients.


Lucy Kuchta

Lucy owns a company called Quinsight that develops, implements and supports easy-to-use computer communication solutions for older adults. Prior to Quinsight, Lucy was the Implementation Director at CarePredict for several years where she implemented CarePredict’s wrist wearable solution in senior care facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada. She recently completed a gerontology graduate certificate at the University of Northern Colorado where her research focus was technology for older adults. She is loving the Tech to Connect experience especially when our older adult clients express how much they are enjoying their iPad.


David Clark

David is a retired graphic designer, graphic interface designer, art director and technical writer who has always been interested in technology and who was always driving to adopt new technology into his workplaces. He has been consulting and teaching in the Apple/iPad/iPhone space for a long long time.