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The inspiration for Tech to Connect came about because of the huge difference that Facetime and Zoom made for Sue's 90-year-old mom, isolated by Covid restrictions. Visiting visually on her old iPad, she once said that it was just like having her there in her living room.

Our efforts to provide iPads and other tablet devices to lower-income older adults in Boulder and the Front Range are going swimmingly. We have more demand than we expected. Our clients are using these devices to connect to friends, family, health providers and participate in social programs like CircleTalk. The photo bottom right is from a community where we provided 16 devices to older adults. 

Old and Young
Creating Heartfelt Interaction for Those in Need of Connection

Your old unused iPad could connect an isolated senior to friends and family. 

Do you happen to have an old iPad stashed away somewhere because you've already replaced it and you figure it's not worth anything to anyone? Please contact us if you would like to see it make a difference in a senior's life. We will clean and disinfect the device, tailor it to our client's requirements and make sure it gets a good home. Please make sure your device has a camera and Pease make sure to unlock the device. Instructions below.

Some of the people helping to collect iPads are part of the Rocky Mountain End-of-Life Collective, a group of professionals who offer non-medical holistic care to the dying and their families. They are happy to be part of this project that addresses the profound impact that sheltering-at-home is having, especially on those who were already isolated and lonely before the pandemic.

As a group we’ve already placed almost 100 used iPads into the hands of seniors with limited means who are using them to connect visually with their families and friends. Several seniors at Golden West even used them as part of a pilot program for CircleTalk, a wonderful program that is a structured conversation that evokes self-reflection and interpersonal connection. CircleTalk had always been run in person in small groups, but the online version has now been proven to be quite successful at connecting seniors in a meaningful way.  We have also placed 26 iPads into the hands of seniors at Northport Apartments in Boulder, customizing each device to the recipients' specific requests.


If you have already donated, many thanks to the difference you have made in a senior’s life. And if you might still have a device to donate, there are many more who could be served, as we are expanding to other Boulder County senior affordable housing communities and researching ways to get affordable internet into individual homes. 

We ask that you make sure that your device has a camera and is not locked with a password, and that your AppleID and all other personal information has been deleted. 


To factory reset your iPad, Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings.  
Tap Erase iPad and confirm

If you have a charger and cord that can be included, that is also much appreciated. 

If you live in the area, you can leave your device out on your front porch. Let us know, and one of us will be happy to come by and collect it. 

With deep gratitude, if you are able to support this worthy cause.

Happy Senior Couple

From Our Inbox . . .

From: Lyndall xxxxxxxxxx

Sent: Monday, October 19, 2020 3:52 PM

To: Julie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: RE: hello and blurb about Tech to Connect


Hi Julie,


We have LOVED working with Tech to Connect! They are a great crew, and residents are very appreciative of their services. Here’s the blurb:


Tech to Connect, a local nonprofit that provides used iPads and light-touch technology training to

older adults, has partnered with Resident Services. The partnership started out at the Northport

community, where over 50% of residents requested an iPad within the first few weeks they were

available. [26 iPads delivered so far.]


Lyndall xxxxxxx

Resident Services Program Manager

Boulder Housing Partners

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, CO xxxxxx

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In The News . . .

AARP logo.png

The following is an exerpt from a recent article from the AARP website titled:


10 Steps to Reform and Improve Nursing Homes

Expert insights on how the industry should evolve in response to COVID-19

by Sari Harrar, Joe Eaton and Harris Meyer, AARP, January 13, 2021



"Social isolation has been a mental and physical health problem in nursing homes long before COVID-19,” says Bei Wu, director for research at the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing at New York University. Lack of connection, Wu says, is associated with a litany of consequences, including a 50 percent higher risk of dementia, 29 percent higher risk of coronary heart disease events and 32 percent higher risk of stroke. “Any plan for improving nursing home quality of care has to address isolation,” she says.


A first step would expand virtual visits. Video chats with friends and family were associated with a 50 percent lower risk of depression compared with emails, social media or instant messaging, in a 2019 Oregon Health and Science University study of 1,424 older adults.